Plot No. P-122, Pipe Line Road,Near Anthony Garage,Rabale MIDC, Navi Mumbai 400701.
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Power Position On Friday 06th March 2020




 22KV Reliance Feeder

 12.00 HRS TO 17.00 HRS.

 Rupa Solitare Bldg only, Sect-1, MBP-Mahape, Partly feeder- Plot no. A-146/1 to A-146/9, A-145/2 to A-145/3, A-145/5

 22KV Bavkhaleshwar Feeder

 09.00 HRS TO 13.00 HRS

 Partly Feeder - Plot no C-101-110, C-110-119, C-121 to C-127, C-141-153, C-156 to C-162 W-1 to W-25

        Jr. Engineer : Mr. Ratnaparkhi : 9930269544

 22KV Lubrizol Incomer No.- I - EHV -    321

 10.00 HRS TO 18.00 HRS
1) 22KV Mazda Feeder - 310 - Turbhe MIDC Area, 2) 22KV Everest Nivara - 311 - Everest Nivara,Indiranagar, 3) 22 KV Chunabhatti Feeder - 312 - Queery Area, Chunabhatti Area

 22KV Everest Nivara Feeder

 10.00 HRS TO 17.00 HRS

Everest Nivara,Indiranagar

 22KV Akshar Feeder (Old Phizer) - 303

 09.00 HRS TO 11.00 HRS

Turbhe Naka, Bagade Group, Quarry Area, Ganpati Pada

 22KV Kukshet Feeder

 11.00 HRS TO 13.00 HRS

Tandel & boir & Kukshet Querry Area, Vadilal zoparpatti, Mahatma Gandhi Nagar

 22KV Alkali Group Feeder

 13.00 HRS TO 14.00 HRS

Alkali Group

 22KV BARC (Janta Market) Feeder

 14.00 HRS TO 18.00 HRS

Sanpada Area & Alana Group

        Jr. Engineer : Mr. Khamkar : 9930269541

Power will be available in the rest of the TTC Industrial area. 

Disclaimer: The information as above is provided by the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd [MSEDCL]. 
 We, however, do not take any responsibility for the correctness of the information and request you to kindly verify the position 
 with the concerned Junior Engineer before taking any action based on the above.