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Anti Corruption Drive

Dear Members,


Yesterday we had a meeting with Ms Jyoti Deshmukh, Dy. SP, Anti Corruption Bureau and her team. Lot of our members are facing demands of bribery from various government departments.  If any of you face any such issues kindly contact us at the Association office and give us the details. We in turn will contact ACB and explore possibilities of curbing this menace. Last year we nabbed one official from Cess department of NMMC. After there were around 150 transfers in NMMC property tax and cess department. Thereafter these incidences have minimised.


Therefore kindly contact the Association office with the details and the Association shall coordinate with ACB and individual members need not fear any reprisal from anyone.


Please click here for contact details of Anti Corruption Bureau.

Please click here to download photos of yesterday’s meeting.


Thanks and best regards,



TTC MIDC Industries Associaion