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Solar Energy Solution for SMEs


Cordially Invites You for an Exclusive Session on

“Solar Energy Solution for SMEs”

Adopting Solar solutions to Save Your Energy Bills

Tuesday,15th October 2022 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Venue –TMIA Hall, P-122, Pipe Line Road, near Anthony Garage, MIDC Industrial Area, Rabale, Navi Mumba


Solar Rooftop Projects have generated considerable interest around the country. In recent years, India has seen tremendous push for the adoption of Solar Energy as part of our commitment to reduce emissions and increase the contribution of renewable energy in the energy matrix and mainly because it is the most lucrative and secured investment.

In view of these developments, a Session has been organized on “Solar Energy Solutions for SMEs - Adopting Solar solutions to Save Your Energy Bills”A copy of the invite is enclosed.

        The Session will focus on:

· Recent Advances in Technology

· Various Types of Financial Gains

· Various Financing Options (How to start savings without any investment)

· Do’s and Don't s of Solar Rooftop Adoption

· Basic working of Solar Plant

· Solar Policies

· Real Case Studies from Electricity Bills

· The Way Forward


For Companies who want to go for Solar but are confused about where to start? Learn everything from Solar Technologies, Policies to Financing Options. Save up to 70% of your Electricity Bills! Understanding in detail the cash flow of Solar Plants with various financial options.

           Bonus Takeaways:

· Interaction with financing partners.

· Free Solar handbook for all participants



Technical and Financial Experts from Solar Industry.

About the Sponsor:

Orb Energy is a leading provider of solar energy solutions in India.  Orb Energy is operational since 2006 and has supplied more than 1,60,000 solar energy systems in India.  To date, Orb Energy has installed more than 150 megawatts of rooftop solar and ground-mounted systems in India, mostly in the SME sector.  Orb’s rooftop solar systems typically have a 3 to 4-year payback.

 Achievements of ORB Energy:

  • · More than 150 megawatts of rooftop solar and ground-mounted solar systems were installed Pan India
  • · Ranked 4th largest rooftop solar provider in India
  • · Own manufacturing of solar panels in Bengaluru
  • · Backed by Shell New Energies (holds a 20% stake)
  • · Pan-India technical presence for rapid installation and after-sales service
  • · Collateral-free solar loans for SMEs - with ZERO down payment and 4 year loan tenure.
  • · Cost per unit of electricity locked at approx. Rs.2.30 for rooftop solar and approx. Rs.3 for ground-mounted for 25 years!

 ORB Energy has sponsored this knowledge-sharing Session.

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There are no fees for participation however prior registration is required. Call or message on –8237296824