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Industrial Apprenticeship Awareness Seminar TODAY 19 Jan 2023

Dear Member,

It is noticed that very few people have registered for today’s seminar on Apprenticeship program. I urge all of you to immediately register for the same and make it a point to attend the seminar. The apprenticeship program will help you get skilled workmen at a low cost and the government will also reimburse part of this cost.

There is no compulsion to take them on your payroll. You can use their services up to a period of three years. Thereafter it is up to you whether to retain them or not. I strongly recommend that you attend the seminar and gather all the details and it will be helpful and save cost for your organisation.

Seminar workshop is completely free. Kind request to register your confirmation by clicking and submitting the TMIA Invitation Acceptance Form below to attend the seminar so that proper arrangements can be done for your comfort.   TMIA Invitation Acceptance Form

Thanks and best regards,



TTC MIDC Industries Association